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5 Steps to create simple yet effective email campaigns

5 Steps to make your campaigns more effective

How can I make my campaigns more successful? A question that often arises from marketeers who get in touch with our support team. They’ve tackled their first campaign in Espiromail and got to grips with how it works – but now is the time to put some real focus on it if they want to get the most out of email marketing.

The following key steps are what we recognise as being important to successful email marketing, along with some hints and tips to apply to your next campaign:

1) Target the right people

  • Do your research, who does your offer really apply to?
  • Break your master list down for better targeting

When creating and sending email campaigns it’s always important that you do your research and target the RIGHT people. So many times we see our clients sending a blanket email to their entire ‘Master List’. Espiromail is priced on the size of the master list but it doesn’t mean you are limited to only sending to that list. You can break your master file into multiple lists and target your contacts properly.

You can target your contacts in multiple ways for example, you can make the content specific to their location, job role or industry, or if they are customers and potential customers you could target them differently by offer. The list is endless. With no restrictions on how many email campaigns you can build, you can really be creative in your targeting and will have more interaction and success by doing so.

2) Design your email with simplicity and no complications

  • Keep the writing content brief but informative.
  • Personalise the email (most of us like to feel special)
  • Do not make it spammy with too many spammy words and images

Your email will perform better if you put some effort and focus into it. Add interesting and informative content that will show your company off, without being too descriptive and boring. For an example you could include reviews/company achievements which will demonstrate what you have done for other customers.

Remember to keep them updated as there is no point pinpointing achievements which may have happened in 2001! Point out the latest achievements and awards of the company and add current reviews from clients, this is the best way to gain trust and potential leads.

Personalisation is a great way to engage your reader as it grabs their attention. You can add the usual “Hello FirstName” to address your reader but there are also some other great ways to add personalisation into your email. Espiromail offers the following merge tags that you can be creative with:

Email Address: *|EMAILADDRESS|*

Forename: *|FORENAME|*

Surname: *|SURNAME|*

Company: *|COMPANY|*

Town: *|TOWN|*

Unsubscribe: *|UNSUB_LINK|*

You could mention the company name in your content, along with identifying the town they are in, or place your contact’s name in the subject line – there are plenty of options. Remember to organise your lists first to ensure you have the fields available in your file for your content or ensure your email would read ok with any population fields empty.

Finally, remember to be careful with content that will trigger spam filters. To avoid spam filters you need to think about avoiding:

  • Using spam phrases, such as “Click here!”, “Free” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”
  • Going crazy with exclamation points!!!!!!
  • Coding sloppy HTML.
  • Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big image and no text.
  • Using spam words and symbols in the subject line.

If you are struggling to design an email and need help getting a template together with your branding and the right balance of images and text, our team can help. For as little as £75+VAT we can design you an email template that you can use over and over again with your own content and offers.

Contact us today about this service

3) Write subject lines that get your message noticed

  • Stand out in a sea of emails
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Avoid spammy content

Always remember the subject line is the most important part of the email. If you don’t get this bit right, your entire email will have been a waste of time. These few words need to be carefully thought out to grab your recipients interest.

Keep it short and to the point. Try and keep it to 2/6 words max and avoid spammy words like ‘OFFER’ and  ‘FREE’. Clients often contact us with concerns that their email may be testing in the spam folder, however when you check their email you see – SALE ON NOW – hurry while stocks last – in their subject line! Follow the same points above to avoid spam filters.

4) Schedule good times to target for better open rates

  • Work out what works
  • Track the results
  • Schedule in advance

Choosing the times and dates of when you send your email campaign is important because when you find out which times works for you this will make your targeting a lot easier for future email marketing campaigns.

Until you have sent enough campaigns out to work out the best time for delivery you can think about your audience – when would be the most appropriate time to them? If your customers are office based, you know they are most likely at work between 9am – 5pm. We’ve found that businesses are often busy catching up first thing and on Mondays. Fridays also might not be a good time as many businesses are preparing for the weekend and sometimes have an early finish – lucky them!

Once you have tried a few different times you can analyse your open and click rates and compare them. In Espiromail you can see a snapshot of engagement over time, so you may spot a pattern. You can then schedule your campaigns in advance knowing that you have set them up for the optimum time.

5) Re-target your audiences for better conversions

  • Re target your opens/clicks
  • Offer a reminder
  • Tailor your content

Sending one campaign to your list is not always going to cut it. As a marketer you may have read articles asking ‘How many times does a person have to see the same ad before they purchase?’ and the many studies showing what they have calculated to be the magic number.

Truth is, very rarely will the first email generate loads of business. This is something we try to educate our customers about when they are buying a list of cold emails and are expecting to see great results immediately. Email marketing is an art and takes careful planning and targeting to see the reward, but once you have it right there is no stopping you.

Espiromail does not limit how many times you can re-target and we would strongly advise you to think about it. We offer a quick way to build a list from the opens or clicks from your email campaigns so you can send follow up emails. You can build multiple lists from the offers clicked on your first email to re-target.

Offer a gentle reminder of the previous offer they received and keep the same design elements of your first email so the contact recognises it. Tailor your content around the previous email they received and create a sense of urgency if your offer is only available for a limited time – “The offer you were looking at is only available until Friday”.

If you are a current user of Espiromail you can find more helpful articles here to help you improve your campaigns.

If you would like a free 3 day trial of Espiromail to see how it works and to test it for your business enquire here and your login details will be sent to you.