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How do I manage my own suppression list?

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A suppression list contains email addresses that you want to exclude from any lists or campaign sends. This is a form of action you would take if someone has asked you to unsubscribe them from any of your email campaigns. Once a email address is suppressed they are unsubscribed from all of your email marketing.

You can now manage your own suppression lists with 4 options…


  • Upload Suppression List – This allows you to upload your suppression list (.csv) into your account. This is perfect for when you have used a different email marketing platform in the past and want to make sure your suppression list is imported before you start using Espiromail for marketing purposes.  


Manage your Suppression


  • Download Suppression List- This allows you to download your suppression list from the platform into a .csv file. This lets you monitor each suppressed email you have imported into Espiromail.

Suppression list

  • Add email to Suppression List- This allows you to add a single email address into the suppression list.


Add suppression list


  • Manage domain suppression- Manage domains allows you to suppress any email contacts that have the same email domain.

Domain suppression


  • Remove from Suppression List-  This allows you to remove any email address you have added into the suppression by accident or that you simply want removing from the exclusions.


Remove Suppression