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Email delivery solution for Purchased Lists

email delivery for purchased lists

How is Espiromail different to other ESP’s?

Espiromail is different to other email marketing platforms because it lets you upload and send campaigns to purchased email data – We won’t kick you off!

If you have purchased an email list from Emailmovers, we would always suggest treating the dataset completely different to your CRM (customer database). Purchased contacts may be hearing from you for the first time and ‘cold’ to your service – so both the content you send and the delivery method should be different.

Response rates and delivery rates will be lower than with your CRM data, typically generating between 0.5% – 8% open rates and 2% – 5% click-through rates,  which is why many ESP’s (Email Service Providers) will state in their terms that purchased data sets are not allowed through their systems. These lower rates can affect the ESP’s reputations and future delivery rates which is why they can kick you off if they suspect you are using purchased data as their service is only for subscribed contacts that typically get much higher rates.

So why send to purchased data at all?

sales funnelEmail marketing to purchased contacts will feed new leads and sales into your CRM database. By targeting similar contacts to your typical customers (eg. a certain industry, job role, location etc) you can introduce your service to new prospects who may have a similar interest in the product or service you offer.

This is where we are different to other ESP’s. We understand email data and delivery and have designed Espiromail especially for helping you prospect to new contacts. We would recommend sending multiple emails to your initially ‘cold’ list – then segmenting the contacts who have responded (opened or clicked) and making these your primary targets to continue email marketing as they are showing an interest in your offer. 

Driving new prospects to your website or landing page by email will feed the top of your sales funnel. It is then down to your site and content to convert these visitors into leads and finally into customers.

Having a method to feed the top of your sales funnel (with low costs attached) will help your business reach new contacts and grow your CRM database. Then, using your usual email service provider to send regular campaigns and offers to your CRM, you can nurture them through your usual sales process.

How do I purchase an email list?

powered by EmailmoversIf you are looking for an email list to expand your prospect reach speak to our team at Emailmovers. Call 0845 226 7181 or email us.