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5 Steps to create simple yet effective email campaigns

How can I make my campaigns more successful? A question that often arises from marketeers who get in touch with our support team. They’ve tackled their first campaign in Espiromail and got to grips with how it works - but now is the time to put some real focus on it if they want to [...]

Verifying your sender credentials

  Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email-validation system used to prevent spam or spoofed emails. SPF is a TXT record in your domains DNS settings. The DNS record allows domain owners (senders) to authorize their IP addresses to send external mailers from that particular domain name. To set up your SPF records in your […]

How do I design an email?

Step By Step - Designing your email with the email builder Take a look at the step by step instructions below on how to design your own email using the drag-and-drop email builder: 1. Settings Start with the email settings. Set the width of your email along with default background and content area colours. Set [...]

Can I upload my own email list into Espiromail?

If you have purchased an email list from Emailmovers or Countrunner - your data should be OK to upload straight into Espiromail, but what happens if you have your own email data list you want to upload to Espiromail? Espiromail is only designed for B2B (Business) email addresses. This means you can only use Espiromail [...]

How do I create a new list from my opens/clicks?

Contacting the recipients that have opened or clicked on your previous campaigns is a great way of retargeting. You know these contacts have shown some interest so you can focus on these contacts as your ‘responsive’. Espiromail now allows you to create lists from your opens and clicks, directly from your reports page. To do […]

How do I cancel a campaign?

  If you send your campaigns using the ‘Send message now’ option – your campaign will do exactly that. You cannot stop a campaign once it has begun sending and they will all deliver. Therefore unless you are completely happy with your campaign, we would recommend you use the ‘Schedule message for later’ option. If […]

How do I upload a data list?

Organise your list Before you can upload an email list into Espiromail, you need to organise it. Ensure the  column headers on your file are titled correctly and only contain the following:     email - Email address fname - Contact first name lname - Contact last name company - Company name town - Town [...]

How do I send a test?

When you have finished designing your email campaign you can test your email to a personal account – before you proceed to send it. To set the test going, once you have finished your design click ‘Next’… You will then be taken to the ‘Message Review’ page where you can check the details before sending […]

How do I update my Account Details?

If you are looking to update any account details such as payment method, contact information or account details you need to log into your account by clicking ‘My Account’ in the top right hand corner of the website. You will then be taken to the following screen. Billing Address and Contact Information To change your […]