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How do I upload/download my unsubscribes?


To upload your unsubscribes into Espiromail

If you want to upload a suppression list containing unsubscribes from another system (or any other email addresses you want to permanently exclude from your marketing) go to >Lists. In the top right corner, there is a button that reads ‘Upload Suppression List’. A list of email addresses only will be sufficient to import and will ensure the system never sends an email address to these.

To download your unsubscribes from Espiromail

With all emails that are sent through Espiromail, an unsubscribe option is automatically added to the bottom. This will look similar to the following:


There are then 2 ways to download any unsubscribes from your account:

unsubscribe1. Download unsubscribes from a particular campaign

Any recipients that click unsubscribe on a particular email you can find in your message report.

To find this click >Reports and find the campaign you want to download unsubscribes for. Once opened, click on the number that indicates ‘Unsubscribes’

Click on the number that indicates ‘Unsubscribes’ and a .csv will automatically download. This will include the email address of the recipient along with a date/time of unsubscribing.

2. Download Unsubscribes from ALL campaigns

There is an option to download all unsubscribes from the account with one click of the button. To find this click >Reports and on the main page under ‘Latest message…’ there is a link that reads ‘ Download all Unsubscribes’. This will download a similar .csv file containing the email addresses along with a date and time of unsubscribing.