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How do I send a test?

how do I send a test

When you have finished designing your email campaign you can test your email to a personal account – before you proceed to send it.

To set the test going, once you have finished your design click ‘Next’…Click Next

You will then be taken to the ‘Message Review’ page where you can check the details before sending such as Subject line, From etc.

Click ‘Next’ again and you will be taken to the screen with 3 options. The first option is to send a test.

Click the button to open up more options:

Test a campaign

In the ‘To’ field – enter the email address that you want to test the email to. Then click ‘Send test’. A test should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes.

What to look out for

  • We suggest that you check to see what your email looks like with no images – have you remembered to add Alt tags?
  • Do all the images display when you click on ‘Show images’?
  • Check all the links – are they going to the right destinations?
  • Proof read the copy
  • Is the email formatted and displaying correctly?
  • Have you remembered to put your contact details on?

If there is anything you spot that needs changing you can click back into the design stage by clicking ‘Template’ in the breadcrumb footer at the bottom of the pageĀ and repeat the process above:



If you are happy with the test and want to continue to send, you can click ‘Send message now’ or ‘Schedule message for later’ to set the email to send.