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How do I update my Account Details?

If you are looking to update any account details such as payment method, contact information or account details you need to log into your account by clicking ‘My Account’ in the top right hand corner of the website.

You will then be taken to the following screen.My Account

Billing Address and Contact Information

To change your Billing address and other contact information click on ‘Addresses’ then click on ‘Edit’:

Update contact information

You will then be able to edit all information using the fields available. Once changes have been made, click the checkbox that reads ‘Update the billing used for all of my active subscriptions’ and click ‘Save address’:

Update billing address


Change Account Details

If you need to change account details on the Espiromail website such as user name, email and password, you can click on ‘Account Details’. From here you can enter a new Contact name and email address. To change the password, enter your current password and the new one twice, then click ‘Save Changes’.

Changing Account Details