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How do I upgrade/cancel my subscription?

Upgrade or cancel account

When you sign up for an account on Espiromail you will be given access to your ‘My Account’ area. This can be used to upgrade/cancel subscriptions, enter new payment methods, update contact details and log support tickets:

My Account
To view your subscription options click on ‘Subscriptions’. On here you will see the details of your current subscription and a button to allow you to ‘Upgrade/Downgrade Package’.

Subscription details


Subscription change


If you are looking to upgrade your subscription click this button to see a choice of packages. More details about each package can be found here. Once you have decided which subscription you want to change to, use the drop down menu to find it and click ‘Subscribe Now’ to approve the changes.

If you are looking to Downgrade your package you can do so but as Plans are based on contacts in the Master List, you will need to contact us to arrange which data you would like to keep within the account under the new allowance.

You can use this menu to also Cancel your subscription at any time.