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How many email campaigns can/should I send?


Espiromail is designed to nurture your prospects and does not limit the number of email campaigns you can send. Having said that, we expect our clients to think logically about the number of email campaigns they send to the same contacts and how sending too many or too few emails, can really turn your prospects off.

How many is too many emails?

If you are sending to the same list of contacts on a regular basis through Espiromail we would recommend that you do not send more than 1-2¬†emails per week (or 4-8 per¬†month) to the same contact. Sending any more than this could cause your subscribers to click ‘unsubscribe’, your responses to drop and your messages to get blocked.

To find the right frequency for your email list you need to establish what works best for your audience. Keep an eye on campaign results. If unsubscribes increase or responses start to drop off, think about reducing the volume of emails you are sending (as well as content!).

If you don’t regularly send emails, your list may become decayed and cold. This could also result in spam complaints, high bounce rates and unsubscribes – so we would recommend you put in a good email marketing plan every month.

A good idea is to let your audience know how many emails they can expect to see from you from first contact. If you can give them an indication of what they are likely to receive and when, they will be able to understand why they are receiving the volume of emails they are from you.

Prospecting is all about trial and error. Once you have an idea of what your audience