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Open rates, Click rates and Reports in detail

click rates and open rates

The detailed reports in Espiromail give you an indication of the performance of your email campaign. These include open rates and click rates which are used to measure the engagement with your campaign. These statistics can help you test and improve your campaigns in future. 

To view a particular report, login and click on >Reports

You will see an overview of the latest message you have sent in the form of a table, followed by all messages sorted by most recent. To view a detailed report for a particular campaign, click >View Report and you will see a similar report to the image below:

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1. Total Number of recipients that were in the original list


2. Open Rate & Click Rate (these are both calculated based on the total list size)


3. The overview of Opens, Clicks, Bounces and Unsubscribes (clicking these will automatically download the recipients)


4. Statistics in more detail such as ‘Unique clicks’ and times of most recent click/open


5. Open, click, bounces and unsubscribes shown in the form of a bar chart


6. This chart shows the last 24 hours of engagement with this campaign.


7. This shows the links in the email design with the number of times clicked




Using the statistics provided you can use the information to make improvements to your campaigns.