Managing Subscribers

Managing Subscribers

Organise your list

Ensure the column headers on your file are titled correctly:

email – fname – lnameĀ – company – town

Upload your list

To upload your list click ‘Lists’ and ‘Create List’.

Give your list a name e.g. Customers and a description – for later reference.

Click ‘Save List’.

Next find your list on your computer by clicking ‘Select file to upload’ or simply drag and drop your file onto the workspace.

You can now view the list anytime in the ‘Lists’ menu and your contacts will always be added to the ‘Master’ list.

Manage Contacts Menu

Add Contact – Allows you to add single subscribers

Export Selected Contacts – Using the checkboxes you are able to export a selection

Remove Selected Contacts – Will delete contacts that are checked from the list (not the master list)

Settings Menu

Edit List Name – Allows you to change the List name and description set in the first stage of creating your list

Enter email address search bar

This allows you search for a particular contact in your list

Upload a Suppression List

If you want to upload a suppression list at any time you can click on ‘Lists’ and click the ‘Upload Suppression List’ button in the top right corner.

This works in the same way as uploading a contact list. You need to ensure the correct field headers and you can choose to find the file on your computer or drag the contact file.

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