Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Once your email campaign has been sent you can see how well it has performed with our detailed reporting. We recommend 24 hours later at the earliest to give your campaign time to be opened.

Click on ‘Reports’

This screen will show you the latest campaign in a snapshot, with all campaigns listed below.

Click on ‘View Report’ on the report you want to analyse.

This will give you an overview of your campaign statistics. If you selected to track opens and clicks in your campaign settings you will see them here.

Other information reported includes bounces, unsubscribes and unique clicks.

Further down you can also see your opens and clicks in a timeline report, showing the most popular engagement times and a breakdown of the top links clicked.

If you want to download a report you can use the drop down on the report in the ‘Reports’ link and select ‘Download Report’.

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