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What is a suppression list?

Uploading A Suppression List

A suppression list is a list of email addresses that you want to exclude from ALL campaigns. Typically they may have unsubscribed from previous campaigns or may be emails that have bounced. Adding subscribers to your suppression list prevents any future emails being sent to them.

How are subscribers added to my suppression file within Espiromail?

If you want to add a list of subscribers:

If you have used other email marketing systems before you will be aware of what a suppression list is and how important it is to import it into any new email marketing system. To add these to Espiromail visit ‘Lists’ and click on ‘Upload Suppression List’:



Next you will be able to add your file (in the same format as a normal list upload) with ’email’ header

Uploading a Suppression list

Once your list has imported you will see the message ‘Import Successful’.

Suppression Added

If you want to add a single subscriber:

To add a single email address into the suppression list visit Lists > Add to Suppression List:

Upload Single Suppression Email

Enter the email address that you want to suppress and click ‘Add’:

Add to suppression list



Automatically adding subscribers:

Espiormail will automatically add contacts to your suppression list if:

  • They click on ‘Unsubscribe’ from any email you have sent within Espiromail
  • The delivery to an email address results in a hard bounce


How do I download my full suppression list from Espiromail?

If at any time you need to access and download your suppression list, visit Lists > Download Suppression List and this will download automatically to your machine, showing the date and time each email address was added:

Download suppression lists

If you have any questions regarding suppression lists, contact your Account manager or open a Support ticket.